Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wyld Woman

Wyld Woman

Spirit of the wyld woman
Hides inside, behind our foolish pride
Deep within is where she resides
Eyes & heart open wide
She can be your greatest guide
Her voice, the lone wolf howl
Into the woods on the prowl
In your belly a low heavy growl
Or maybe the hoot of a single owl
From the darkest deep sea
To the tops of the tallest tree
She screams to be set free
Do not greet her with a tear
Her power is nothing to cause fear
Celebrate her wildness with the
Greatest cheer
She is your passion,
Your hidden desire
Your inner fire
Fuel her flame
Burry the shame
Do not try to tame
Her power now

Mor`Inanna EagleSong © Dec 25th 2007

The Gate

The Gate

Notorious, glorious
Rhythms and Rhymes
Wild flowers and vines
Ebbs & flow
Where the wild things grow

Shadow and light
Flutters & flight
All through the night
Hidden and in sight.
Faeries delight

Creepy and crawly
Down in the bog
All covered in fog
Hear the song
Of that old bull frog

Follow the spring
To where the crickets sing
Glowing wing
Of the faerie king

Gaze into the crystal clear pool
Moss covered branches
Scents of evergreen groves
Air so natural and clean
This is where you’ll find his queen
Look beyond the scene
You’ve just found the world
Of between

Mor`inanna Eaglesong © July 13, 2009

Of dusk and dawn

Of dusk and dawn

Crickets sing in the dark of night,
Calling on the break of dawn,
The time to capture dew on the lawn,
Witch’s wake
Before the break,
And greet the crack of the first sun light,
If the crow calls before you wake,
You’ve slept in way to late.

The frog begins to croak,
As I put on my magickal cloak,
As the light begins to fade,
Now is not the time to be afraid

The magickal hours of dusk and dawn,
This is where the power is drawn,
Balancing things between
The light and dark
A time when you can see the witch’s mark,

Dancing in the shadows
I can clearly see,
I set my spirit free,
Sipping on a cup of
Witch’s brew
This is where ancient witches flew
I find the magickal things
Only they knew.
Secrets dance in those shadowy places,
Safe within the sacred spaces,

The magickal hours of dusk and dawn,
This is where the power is drawn,
Balancing things between
The light and dark
A time when you can see the witch’s mark,

© Mor`inanna Eaglesong 2006+

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows we embrace,
Set aside the glamour and the lace,
Hidden deep within our soul,
For only us to know,
Placed before us to force us grow.
Those places others would never tread,
Hidden behind the veil with a tiny thread,
Calling us out into the night,
Do we enter without fright?
Things society shuns,
Why do they always run?
Turning their back on those they love,
They push away with a shove.
Things they fear and won’t accept,
Never finding the courage to peek,
Beyond the light they feel so weak.
Dark shadows we embrace,
In the night guided
Only by the moon’s bright light
We dance and sing,
With delight,
Never fearing absents of the light.
Shadows fall where none were seen,
Dark eyes that shine with a gleam
Seeing past the light of day,
Dancing in the moon light’s ray
Dark shadows we embrace,
No longer of the human race,
Both worlds we now embrace.
© Mor`inanna Eaglesong 2006+

Cry of the Winter Banshee`

Cry of the Winter Banshee`
Behold the beauty of a bare naked tree,
No leaves to muffle the cries of the winter banshee
Bitter and cold she blows through to my soul
Setting me free
In the frozen winter breeze
Snow falls like tiny stars from the sky
Standing in the deafening silence I can not deny
The winter banshee’s cry
She waits in the icy silence for my reply
Deep from within comes the long howling wind,
Breathe that rolls across the snow white seas
Like a fog, my soul I offer as a token
In hopes to appease
I turn back in a glance
To the beauty of the bare naked tree
And to my surprise it is foot prints that I see
Tracks I have left in the cold winter snow
finally I know
The wild and free beauty winter can bestow
Soon she will fade in the darkness of the night
And in her memory I will find delight
Standing in the silence and the only thing I see
Is the beauty of a bare naked tree
Mor`Inanna EagleSong © Dec. 16th 2007

Monday, August 10, 2009

Faded Flowers

Faded flowers

Faded flowers,
Filled with healing powers
As each petal begins to drop
Pain that never will stop
Floods of emotion
Tears could fill the ocean
Tear drops slow
A mother’s love continues to grow
Eyes covered in a foggy mist
And still you are missed
Memories no longer we make
And still I awake
Days fade to black & white
Nothing seems as bright
Your spirit I invite
& I know it will be alright
When I enter that gentle night
And we reunite

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © August 10, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Aimlessly drifting on a sea of time,
The days pass as waves of emotions
Ever flowing,
Sometimes to sail the calm sea,
Sometimes to gaze into a starry sky
Sometimes with a tear in my eye

Time passes so quickly,
Since you’ve been gone
Almost a year,
And still I find days filled with endless

Day becomes night,
Night becomes day
I watch as the moon moves
From dark to light
Sometimes I hear you whisper
On the wind,
As your voice drifts in my ears

And still I long for you to appear
With your laughter and your cheer,

Aimlessly drifting on a sea of time,
The days pass as waves of emotions
Ever flowing,
Sometimes to sail the calm sea,
Sometimes to gaze into a starry sky
Sometimes with a tear in my eye

I watch as time continues to fly
The world sometimes seem to just pass me by
To you my son
I will never say good-bye

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © July 25, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Side of the road

The Side of the Road
I know of a place, by the side of the road
Where a lonely cross stands filled
With stories that go untold

Wild flower seeds I planted each one with care,
In hopes that they will soon bloom there
I watered them gently with each falling tear
Tears that will flow year after year

As each wild flower begins to grow
The gentle wind, away with sorrows it blows
Standing with bare feet, in the wet morning dew
Covering each tiny blade of grass,
I stand with my hands filled with the remains of shattered glass,

I watch the early morning sunrise
Dawn of a new day again arrives
A day to cry,
A day to heal
A day to remember I’m still alive

I know of a place by the side of the road
I heard the sound of the death calling crow,
The place of my son’s fatal blow
In a split second he was gone from this world
Into the wind his spirit swirled

A mother’s heart was sliced wide open
With the blade of the sharpest knife,
Remembering I gave him life,

With each rising moon, be full or be it dark
A healing journey I now walk,
A life never the same I am forced to embark

Through tearful eyes the world never looks quite the same,
I have to forgive, and I have let go of blame
For within me still burns the brightest flame

Dancing sparks of desires
A new guide I have now acquired
Until the day I to retire

To that place of the setting sun
Rejoined with my loving son
Together we still remain as one
As we each face a new journey that has just begun

He is learning to fly, and telling me not to cry
For he knows of a place, by the side of the road
Filled with stories, that will not go untold
My hand he still holds,
As he sparkles like gold
Even though he will never know of growing old

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong ©July 9, 2009

The death of the moon

The death of the moon has come
Way to soon
Leaving behind the darkest night
Darker then the raven’s flight
Delight fades from life
Depths of sadness I now invite

From the depths of the ocean
Black fades to blue
Can this really be true?
To have had my last view
Of a life I once knew

The death of the moon has come
Way to soon
Leaving behind a joy
I once knew
Nothing to replace
To fill the space
Where light once grew

Born from my very own womb
A life just beginning to bloom
Enter now that white room
Fill my heart with gloom
Leading me into the darkest room
Leaving me locked in the sadness tomb

Never to be the same,
Tears will be no cause for shame
As I call upon the burning flames
Take from me the life I once knew
The ashes I now claim
Knowing I will never be the same

The death of the moon has come
Way to soon
Leaving behind a darkness
I never knew,
Blood that flows from my wounded heart
Burns my veins,
As I put on these heavy chains
And claim the remains
Of a life I once knew

The death of the moon has come
Way to soon
In the darkness I now dance
To the mourning song,
I will forever long for
The sight of your smile
And the sound of laughter
As I dance to the mourning song
Knowing the road to the dawn
Is way to long, can I be this strong
When your strength seems to be gone

The death of the moon has come
Way to soon
Leaving behind the darkest night
Darker then the raven’s flight
Delight fades from life
Depths of sadness I now invite

From the depths of the ocean
Black fades to blue
Can this really be true?
To have had my last view
Of a life I once knew

Mor`Inanna eaglesong © Dec. 20th 2008

In that Moment

In that Moment
“Understanding born from sorrow”
Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © Dec. 27, 2008

I’ve always had a strange understanding of death, as if I was drawn to the truth of it. It leads us to a path of uncommon real emotions, dancing in the darkness of our own heart and soul. But beneath that darkness, under the pain of not fully understanding is a beauty. A beauty beyond human believes, our emotions block the beauty of that moment, the moment the spirit leaves the weight of the human body. I’ve always believed that magick and science tend to walk hand in hand and we are all energy in motion weighted down by the human body, or mass of self. Our spirit is energy, our body is mass allowing us to walk amongst each other and learn from sight and touch of each other. To grow from human emotions most of tend to keep buried depth within, or avoid all together in life. Emotions like pain and suffering, heart ache and sorrow even anger, are just as powerful if not more powerful then the emotions we welcome such as love, light and laughter.
I was born with the gift of visions and dreams, most of which I tend to not understand until after the fact of that moment, but a few I understood instantly, born a Witch who was drawn to the darker side of life, and magick. While others danced in the light, I was drawn into the underworld by my deities and queens of darkness, I have journeyed to the tombs and surrendering of Inanna, and drank from Morrigan’s cauldron of death and rebirth. Now in darkest moment of a Mother’s life, a truth is born the truth of that moment.

A few years back I meet a woman on line named Jaycee, when I meet her she was well on her way to fighting the battle of breast cancer, and while I never meet her in person, our connection was so strong. Instantly we both knew we were drawn together to learn and grow from each other, her journey to death taught me about my life path.
I was with her every step of the way, from a distance but so very close in spirit. The vision I had of her death was so undeniably beautiful it was breath taking. The moment her spirit would leave the weight and the unbearable pain of her human body would be an amazing sight to behold. A micro burst of energy blast forth into the universe, filled with amazing sparkles of every color known to man. I had the pleasure of sharing this vision with her before her death, and then to have the gift of a tiny voice whisper in my ear, I was right its just like I told her it would be, amazing and beautiful so amazing that no humanly words could even begin to explain the beauty of that moment.

Then a few short months ago, the dream came to me, at the time I did not make the connection. But now 2 months and 12 days later which is also my physical birth date of 02/12, in the early dawn hours, awaken by an amazing thunder storm in Dec. I understand that moment fully. The dream was different I dreamt of standing on a porch and watching lightening strike a wire, watching it spin widely with colors, colors similar to the vision I had a few years back, but the connection between the two was not yet clear. The energy was amazing and I was not afraid, I was drawn to the sight of it, its beauty and power flowed through the wire down to a corner, and turned the corner and I knew it would hit a near by transformer box, I was not afraid of its power, I was drawn to it. The moment it struck the transformer box it burst into spinning circles of lights, lights of every color know to man, it was amazing and beautiful, yet I did not understand the message. Until this moment, the moment of this early morning dawn awaking to the strange December thunder storm. When I knew I had the vision of death, and it was not dark and something to fear or be saddened by, but that moment in time when the energy of our spirit, leaves the mass of our human body behind is one of the most amazing moments in time. That moment when our spirit is returned to its natural state of pure untamed energy. Energy flowing freely in the universe continuing on its journey of helping and healing of others.

My son James wrote a poem years ago, and the very last line is “where can a man go when the straight line curves.” It is also my son Jamie as I always called him, which became that dream. That beautiful array of pure energy burst forth into the universe in that moment of his death. His death was caused by a car coming around a curve, and hitting them head on. The connection to the dream is crystal clear now, I saw his death coming, and did not make the connection until this moment in time. When true understanding was born, in this very moment, these moments of darkness filled with sorrow beyond believe, and the depths of emotions we tend to avoid.

We are truly energy, and our body is the mass. The truths of science are connected to the spiritual understanding of our being. That moment in time, when our energy leaves behind the earthly weight of our body, is a moment of amazement beyond human understanding, leaving behind the feelings of emotions we tend to avoid, or those emotions we have the hardest time walking through. But born from those emotions, is an understanding, a gift of my life time to truly know without a doubt why I was drawn to the darkness and emotions others tend to avoid. Because from my own path, my own depths of sorrow and this walk on earth I was given the gift, the gift of truly understanding the connections of life and death. The connection between body and spirit; we do not die, we just transform into a more natural state of being, we return to the universe as energy, just as we arrived. I would not trade those visions, and understanding; to have seen the beauty of that moment not once but twice for all the happiness and joy in the humanly world. For it is through my own darkness and depths of sadness that this gift was born. While I will journey on and still miss the physical presence of my son, his energy is with me always, protecting me and guiding me until my own moment in time.

A Tribute to Jamie(James) Booe

Greetings from the Underworld © 2008. Chaotic Soul :: Converted by Randomness