Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows we embrace,
Set aside the glamour and the lace,
Hidden deep within our soul,
For only us to know,
Placed before us to force us grow.
Those places others would never tread,
Hidden behind the veil with a tiny thread,
Calling us out into the night,
Do we enter without fright?
Things society shuns,
Why do they always run?
Turning their back on those they love,
They push away with a shove.
Things they fear and won’t accept,
Never finding the courage to peek,
Beyond the light they feel so weak.
Dark shadows we embrace,
In the night guided
Only by the moon’s bright light
We dance and sing,
With delight,
Never fearing absents of the light.
Shadows fall where none were seen,
Dark eyes that shine with a gleam
Seeing past the light of day,
Dancing in the moon light’s ray
Dark shadows we embrace,
No longer of the human race,
Both worlds we now embrace.
© Mor`inanna Eaglesong 2006+



Greetings from the Underworld © 2008. Chaotic Soul :: Converted by Randomness